Lida Burris leads us in crafting digital stories—that make it to the big screen!

Digital stories are cool—and we got to make our own!

To start us off back at the library, Lida showed a few short digital stories made up of video, photos, music, and words. We passed out paper and she asked everybody to think of someone or something—could be a family member, artist, historic figure or even a creative endeavor that is important in our lives, and “a moment that made a real impact.”

Here are the first five stories that we’ve finished and recently got to see up on the big screen at the Crossroads Film Festival: (CLICK ON BOLD TITLE TO SEE EACH VIDEO)

A Friend Named Jesse—Story by Chris Bell, videography by Frezale Smith: This is the story of a friend who’s going through a time of loss and trying to deal with it the best he can—even as life changes at “the drop of a dime.”

What I’ve Learned from Medgar Wiley Evers—Story and videography by Dominic Dantzler: What this civil rights leader stood for and accomplished means a lot to this young filmmaker and has made a big impact on his life.

Thoughts on Piano—Story and videography by Angel Walton: Playing the piano is an art form that requires both hands—the right and the left—working together, in concert.

My First Time at Comicon—Story and videography by Kelvin Walton: From incredible
video gaming to cost-playing to meeting inspiring heroes, at Comicon, there’s a lot going on!

My Mother—Story, illustrations and videography by Destini Ruffin: Destini and her mom like to go to the movies—sometimes even the scary ones!

Thank you, Lida—We had a blast! And there are more digital stories to come!

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