Special Guest Tim Mask at Spark-O-Matic

Tim Mask is our special guest talking about blogging and personal media.

At tonight’s Spark-o-Matic, Mr. Mask talked about how individuals could use social media and a website to promote their own works and ideas. In the words of the the Spark-o-Matic scholars, you can use a website to:

  • Express your personality.

  • A personal website makes a perfect portfolio for college and job opportunities.

  • A website lets you talk to people you don’t really talk to.

  • A website lets you order music offline, plus sell your product

  • A website lets people see your work.

  • A website lets you share thoughts and conversations.

Tonight was a great Spark-o-Matic session as not only did the group talk about making websites but they also started editing their very first commercial!

Stay tuned for greatness…

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