Documentary Tribute To Medgar Evers

This short, captivating documentary is about Mississippi civil rights leader Medgar Evers. It was created by students at Medgar Evers Library in Jackson, Mississippi. The students got to take a field trip to Mr. Evers’ house and were inspired to create a video about where his spirit lives on today: At a local library named in his honor that feels like home to the people who live in the community. The video was produced by teen members of a digital arts program hosted at Medgar Evers Library called Spark-O-Matic: Digital Arts Mentoring & Marvelous Mayhem. This particular video also marks the launch of Command Z Productions, the team that did the videography, voice over, art direction and editing for the video. Command Z is Emmanuel McDougal, Kelvin Walton, Destini Ruffin, Chris Bell and Zale Smith.

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